Global web3 compliance standard

Standardised compliance pass.
Real time wallet certifications hub for on/off chain compliance.
Globally trusted by institutions, Defi project and users.
Open Architecture where you shape the future of finance.


Run millions of check in seconds

universal standard

Regulated entities and compliant Defi needs an agnostic and globally unified standard to get all the results from all the available AML providers, in a clear and easy to read standardised result.


Real time compliance pass
on-chain and off-chain ensure security and trust.
Reporting system with blocking lists for hack, Scam,.. to ensure CEX and DEX can react.

Shared Intelligence

Run intelligent parsers, create your own models and market your compliance services.
Improve the code, the architecture or the usability and get Licensing tokens.


Innovation and improvement comes from the builders that share a common licensing model.


Aggregated and standardised Easy-to-use score-based AML.
Operational risk reduce to 0.


Connect instantly the web3intelligence services with any existing system and blockchain


Get your tokenised license for fair, efficient and open web3 compliance

Buy license

Write smart contracts with in built AML compliance

When you are building a new piece of innovation, protect your users to interact from compromised wallets, make it compliant from the first line of code, make it easier for regulated institution to use your decentralised service.
Adding 1 line of code in your smart contract, let you verify if the  connected wallet respect the regulation in term of anti money laundry.


Wallet screened


VC and partners


Screened Assets


Partners Worldwide

Trusted by millions

The Dopamine License is used by many technology provider and institutions to respecte regulations. But Dopamine also provide you access to the largest web3 ecosystem to deploy your services in front of millions of user that like you, appreciate compliancy, fairness and transparency.

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Together we build it
for you!

Compliance officer, hedge fund manager, CEO wants to have beautiful interface running powerful queries. With our standardised API and source code access you rely on powerful ready to use code that you can customise and improve as you love it.
Contributors are rewarded in Dopamine license. The code base benefit from the community involvement.


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